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Do you want to get healthier?
Do you want to feel even better than now?
Do you want to get pregnant and increase your chances with healty lifestyle?
Do you need some support to reach your fitness or weight loss goals?
If any of the answers is yes, read more about me!


My mission  

  • finding balance in life (not starving to death, not suffering and eat only “rabbit-food”, not binging or starting to live an unreasonably hedonistic life but finding a great balance and finding the beauty in food and workout and handling stress)
  • teaching that noone is perfect, nobody can have everything together 7/24 but in spite of this you can find happiness, health and an ideal weight
  • helping people reach a healthy and happy life
  • teaching women loving their bodies and get rid of body image issues through getting healthier, fitter, health conscious and less stressed
  • supporting my clients with a sustainable diet advice that is suitable for their circumstances
  • suggesting livable routines that can work daily
  • getting rid of processed food and increasing food that have high nutritional value
  • motivating transformations (not only in physical appearance but in attitude towards life – positivity can help more than you would think)
  • teaching how to make smarter choices (what to eat, how to do the shopping, how to dine out, which sport suits you the best, etc)


I’m your person, if you:

  • want to lose weight or gain muscles for whatever reason
  • want to get pregnant but have struggles with fertility
  • would like to eat and train healthily during pregnancy
  • want to get back in shape after pregnancy
  • would like to heal diastasis recti
  • have weak pelvic floor and you need special exercises to get perfect again
  • feel tired and lack of energy and willing to change your diet and add some extra to your days
  • have a diet plan but you need some reinforcement that it’s really good
  • if you are confused of the huge information flood on diet and workout and you need advice on what to choose
  • people call you a serial dieter but want to get rid of this name
  • need some cake or chocolate (or whatever your fave food is) from time to time without feeling guilty (because you shouldn’t)
  • or just want to feel better about YOURSELF and your body

Please, contact me at noemi (at) wealthyinhealth.com

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I'm a pilates and LoveYourBelly instructor, weight loss nutritionist (and wannabe holistic nutritionist) who works with new moms suffering from diastasis recti to get back in shape and learn safe exercises and meal plans.

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